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Deciphering the fresh new Saukele: The standard Headdress out-of Kazakh Brides

Now I’ll explore the most type of conventional Kazakh gowns: the fresh new headdress of a bride-to-be, called a great saukele.

Inga STASEVICH, Older Specialist at Peter the great Art gallery of Anthropology and you will Ethnography (the newest Kunstkamera). Their particular area of expertise includes ethnography of individuals off Central Asia, examination of old-fashioned material and religious people, regional information on Main Western Islam, gender areas of culture, and modern cultural processes, in particular different traditional people type behind closed doors.

The brand new video matter might have been produced by Doroga Ludei, (“The way in which of those”), a task that combines some documentaries and you will films lectures about scholars and specialists in the industry of records, philology, books and you can opinions. The project try centered on the problems of the reputation for the Central Far-eastern area.

The marriage dress try always very important, as an effective girl had to be securely clothed when leaving their own parents’ domestic for the domestic of their future lover. On marriage, an effective girl needed to don all the jewelry you to she had, just like the every piece from jewellery had its very own a symbol definition. So the saukele itself had of numerous implicit mythological icons, and also in my talk I would like to discover the world of these mythological icons and exactly how they can fit into Kazakh people.

Exactly as the people is unique, thus as well are their stuff out-of decorative and used art, oral and individuals artwork, and you will fresh customs and you will rituals. (more…)