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A beneficial girl found Mingfei and realized that he was inside new ladies toilet

Appointment Nono [ ]

Guderian introduced her as Chen Motong, sharing by herself to be the player one to was able to defeat him in Starcraft, the support out-of Norma going unmentioned. She instantaneously pointed out that he had been hesitating on account of his like getting Wenwen, so she pointed out Wenwen’s insufficient demand for him and chastised him getting his not enough step.

One evening, Mingfei climbed to the roof out of his apartment building and you can Nono called him to your cell phone. She talked so you can Mingfei in regards to the around three tactics for a profitable love confession: To try out pressing music, giving plant life, and writing a good confession address. She warned your that, in the event that he had been successful in successful Wenwen’s cardio, the path to Cassell would be finalized permanently. Despite his embarrassment, Mingfei felt truly knew for the first time within his life, and you may determined by the Nono, he spent a day later considered how to confess to help you Chen Wenwen.

Another morning, he went with Wenwen to operate particular errands. (more…)