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Dexter is on the telephone that have Lumen when she unexpectedly notices a shadow on kitchen area door

Lumen goes off to check into girls when you’re Dexter rejects in order to a doubtful Deb that he’s within the a personal experience of Lumen

Because Dexter and you can Lumen is actually getting rid of Cole’s bagged stays away from the new Cut out-of Lives, Stan Liddy images all of them with a telephoto contact lens.

The new dick rattles and you can she says to Dexter that somebody is attempting to break inside the. The doorway in addition to rattles in front. Lumen grabs a knife and you will whispers so you’re able to Dexter that they’re in to the and you will upcoming with the her. He says to the girl to keep the latest range unlock and you will she hides in the bathroom. It turns out to-be just Astor and her pal, Olivia, just who got a coach away from Orlando so you can Miami and you may envision the newest house is actually empty.

Being unsure of how to deal with Astor, Dexter asks Lumen’s advice on adolescent people. She recommends him to speak with the lady and you will express a thing that he performed from the their many years (he knows is not a good idea). Lumen claims he should slash Astor a break and states the lady hang over could well be punishment enough. While in the breakfast, Dexter says to Astor which he desires spend the time that have the woman to speak. She agrees so long as Harrison will come together, too. Just up coming, Harrison calls Lumen “Mama” to everyone’s shock. Astor says to your, “She’s maybe not the mummy. Your own mama’s inactive,” and therefore displeases Dexter. Olivia reily are unusual, also.

While you are where you work, Dexter get a trip of Lumen, who’s babysitting the three infants. She frantically tells your that Astor and you can Olivia have gone lost. (more…)