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step 3. Overall performance

Desk step 1 depicts this new incidence of each of one’s dangers of the research, according to the level of seriousness discovered. Likewise, they shows the newest reviews involving the distributions out-of boys and girls to your different threats. Total, the participants whom presented nothing wrong varied ranging from % that has no troubles which have difficult Internet sites fool around with and up to help you 83.4% that has no troubles with on the internet grooming. We observe that all of the moderate and you can serious issues ranged anywhere between cuatro% to possess sexting and you may 17% to possess difficult Web sites use. 9% out-of reasonable/serious problems and in cyberbullying, they attained 13.7%. The fresh new wavelengths based in the some other levels of issues was usually deeper for women than for people.

Table step 1

Frequency of each of one’s risks while the a purpose of the new severity of one’s disease towards full shot and of gender.

In this regard, significant differences were also found between boys and girls in the mean total scores of cyberbullying victimization (Welch’s t = ?2.02, p < 0.043, d = 0.07), online grooming (Welch's t = ?3.51, p < 0.001, d = 0.12) and problematic Internet use (Welch's t = ?2.07, p < 0.039, d = 0.07). In these cases, the mean scores were higher for girls than for boys. There were no significant differences in the rest of the risks: cyber dating abuse victimization (Welch's t = ?1.9, p < 0.058, d = 0.12) and sexting (Welch's t = 0.94, p < 0.410, d = 0.03).

Regarding the type of school (private and public), significant differences were only found in the risks of online grooming (t = ?3.37, p < 0.001, d = 0.13) and sexting (t = 3.8, p < 0.001, d = 0.15). The mean scores were higher in public schools than in private schools in both cases.

In terms of the educational stage (1st–2nd grade of CSE, 3rd–4th grade of CSE and Post-secondary Education), statistically significant differences were found for the risks of cyberbullying victimization (p < 0.002), online grooming (p < 0.001), sexting (p < 0.001) and problematic Internet use (p < 0.001). The scores were higher in 3rd–4th grades, except for online grooming victimization, where higher scores were found in Post-secondary Education (see Desk 2 ).

Table 2

Variations due to the fact a function of academic phase (1st–second, 3rd–last grades out-of CSE and you can Blog post-additional Degree) regarding dangers (letter = 3212, except for the actual situation off cyber matchmaking abuse which have n = 1061).

Note: M = arithmetic imply; SD = standard deviation, F = Welch’s-F, p = significance; ? 2 = eta squared. (more…)