When foreign gentlemen are in search of an Asian wife – Chinese, Japanese girl, Thai woman, Korean woman, etc. – AsianDate.com understands what to provide you with as the platform can boast of one of the most exhaustive selections of girls in Asia. About 20 years of work gives a chance to AsianDate to emphasize that they know for sure how to pair Asian women and gentlemen from abroad.

Safety & Anti-Fraud

Asian Date site is treated as being mindful about scam and protection of information. AsianDate scam policy provides refunds if any of the clients became a victim of a deceiver. Thus, as long as any lady disseminated false information about herself or consciously lied on her page to deceive the rest of the venue customers then such lady would be kept out the website and her page would be deleted. The same punishment takes place in a case any woman implore gentlemen This way, today, https://yourbride.com/asian-brides-sites/ appear to present greatly convenient services as sophisticated virtual matchmaking are able to fulfill the needs of the most demanding and difficult users. for financial support or luxurious presents. To refund credits a member wasted on chatting with a trickster the site refunds all the credits wasted on talking to the lady.

To avoid such disappointments the website advise foreign men to be watchful and to follow a set of beneficial scam-related hints published on the site.

Instruments & Support

Aside from Internet-based services for communication customers also have an opportunity to take your relations to the real life. Thus, in addition to Internet-based gifts you are allowed to also purchase the offline presents and flowers to those girls you find attractive. You may order an appointment with a lady in her hometown or to take part in a romance matchmaking tour to meet several girls in a real life. Being Asia-oriented international dating portals the platform is interested in you finding your spouse. That is why, they are supposed to be sure that you speak the language the lady you interact with : a translator will assist you during offline rendezvous and all the letters will be translated for a user for free. As a member of Anastasia virtual community AsianDate.com offers the alike sort of options. To begin with, it pays attention to tools for communication : you need to have lots of variants to choose from and to select the most comfy services for contacting woman. Therefore, you can send letters, interact online in Live Chat, give telephone calls, communicate while exploiting CamShare – some kind of video date option. Unluckily, not all the ladies use modern tools for communication that have cameras. For this reason you might not have a possibility to see a certain woman during the video call.

AsianDate Site Overview

The website operates since 1113 and it boasts of being guilty of nearly 6000 marriages annually. Belonging to the most sophisticated and reputable Asian virtual dating services the venue pays attention to its image and strive to offer the users numerous services that give an opportunity to members to meet their soul mates. Together with basic mails and telephone calls, the platform provide the users with right to participate in a camera-based call with a female user, to attend a personal rendezvous in her hometown, to attend so-called Matchmaking adventure to interact with as many girls as you can handle and to enhance the chance to get married happily.

Asian Date is among the most reputable and sophisticated cross-national dating companies that dedicate their efforts to taking care of girls from China, the Filipino women, Japanese ladies, Thai girls, Indonesian women, and women from Asia. The venue belongs to vast Anastasia group : the website is similar to the parent website in visuals, features offered, scam-related policy and prices charged. The single key dissimilarity is that Anastasia functions internationally with the emphasis on Slavic countries while Asian Date deals with pages dedicated only to girls from Asia. The girls from Asia gained the reputation due to their tender and fragile appearance. Bachelors globally are fascinated by the fame women from Asia possess and desire to meet a woman from Asia to go out with and to get old together. Today it is treated as not that hard objective as there are lots of platforms that allow guys and girls from different countries to spot each other in a virtual space and to create a couple.

Ease of Exploitation

AsianDate registration procedure proves to be the convenient and clear. You must disclose your name and email – and, eventually, the process is complete. Later you will be offered to update your page but it is up to you how much information you would select to reveal. But, the more data you disclose about your life – the higher opportunities to meet your ideal match you get.

AsianDate.com is treated as equally logical in utilization. You have an opportunity to surf the site without efforts as all the main tools and instruments are visible. Besides, in a case you have ever checked any other venues provide by Anastasia group you would notice that the site possesses the same graphic design. Aside from being comfy and intuitive, the venue is also designed carefully. Moreover, to make to life of visitors and to improve their interaction with one another, a mobile app has been created. the application for gadgets helps site’s visitors to interact with one another via gadgets.

The Base of Users

For example, you have a possibility to check the top 1000 Ladies who are rated as the most beautiful and amazing members of mail order wife site. When you are not prepared to wait until one of the female members would pay attention you message you can try to communicate with those women that are on the site whenever you enter the venue. You can look through a list of the female members that are on the site so that you have a chance to start the dialogue with them immediately. Asian Date site concentrates mainly on women from China and Filipino ladies: the majority of profiles active on the platform belong to female members from these states. Evidently, there are some Thai ladies, girls from Vietnam, Japanese girls, Malaysian ladies, women from Indonesia, ladies from Singapore, South Korean ladies, and Kazakh girls. Anyway their number seems to be noticeably lower. Nevertheless, do not be sad : the platform can brag of enough girls to introduce to satisfy your criteria and help you to marry women from Asia.

Quality of Pages

In a case you are done with AsianDates authentication procedure you have an access to an endless number of personal pages launched by Asian ladies. Usually, they are full of overall facts (age, citizenship, marital status, number of children, etc.), characteristics of appearance (eye color, hair color, kilograms and height), interests, habits, etc. The important benefit is that all the women are characterized by their English proficiency posted in account. Thus, you have an opportunity to select a female user who is simple to chat with.

Progressive search features help you to segregate female members according to selected parameter. For instance, you have a chance to look for women that possess hobbies that correspond with your own hobbies. Or you can identify prospect Asian girlfriends due to the age. Or you have a chance to ask the website to list for you profiles of those female users who uploaded videos on the site and those female members who agree on webcam rendezvous. It means that, you have lost of options of searching out a female member that would be consistent with your wishes. Sadly, not all the profiles possess the “Confirm” sign. Thus you have no chance to be totally sure whether you communicate with an existing woman from Asia having serious goals.

Pricing Models

If you desire to encounter a woman from Asia you have a chance to start utilizing the platform free of charge. Of course, you register and view profiles while paying nothing. Sad to say, when you are eager to engage in any kind of contact with a woman you are obliged to give money away for at least the elementary package of credits required for buying selected tools on the platform. Hence, the smallest price you must handle to get engaged into an interaction with >>> a girl is $15.11.


All the Asian Date Website Reviews of former and existing clients offer new clients to buy bigger number of credits as then you pay the lower price per credit :

  • 1000 credits would cost $311 ( $0.40/credit)
  • $241 for 500 credits $0.50/credit)
  • 160 credits would cost $16 ( 1 credit for $0.60 )
  • 20 credits would cost $15.11 ( 1 credit for 80 cents )

In a case you have to give away money for every conversation and all the tools on the website, you would exploit resources more attentively. Such pricing model prevents you from texting all the women on the portal and allows you to communicate with those women who you perceive as really appealing.

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